Your Brand is F***D

To remain competitive and relevant in today’s markets, brands must think and communicate differently than they did 2 years ago.

Old Strategies

Outdated Thinking

Limited Budget

Strapped Resources

Crippling Red Tape

Your Brand

In order to UNF*** your brand, you need to focus on 2 key areas.


Can you answer the questions “Who are you?” and “Why do you matter?” If not, you’re F***d. Understanding your position in the market and developing your Brand Personality, Positioning Statement, and Messaging Architecture is vital to the success of any brand.


Maybe you know who you are and why you matter…that’s great. But now you need to execute. How are you reaching prospects and customers? What channels are you using? Understand your Buyer Personas and Customer Journey is key to staying UNF***.


UNF*** Your Brand

Are you ready to UNF*** your brand, but not sure where to start? There are three primary classifications for brands, so the first step is to assess your Brand Fitness. Schedule a call with Ian Evenstar to measure your Brand Fitness!

Start to UnF*** Your Brand

The One Who Started It All

Ian Evenstar

Ian Evenstar has over two decades of experience guiding clients through the branding process - covering the entire spectrum of concept and ideation, to final execution and marketing. Ian is a seasoned CEO who has steered the development of global brand initiatives, national advertising campaigns, and international marketing strategies. Throughout his career, he has provided direction for many well-known brands such as Alaska Airlines, University of Southern California, AEG Worldwide, and Barnes & Noble.